USP10.dll Hacking!

To make Bangla work for your old OS, you need to replace a DLL file. This file is called USP10.dll and known as Uniscribe Engine.

Downloading the & extract it. You'll get a file called USP10.dll.
Just put the file in x:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache\
(this is a hidden folder, so you have to find it out manually) overwriting the older one.

Again put it to x:\WINDOWS\system32\ overwriting the older one.

Now windows may ask you for it's installation disk with a notice. You'll tell Windows that you want to continue with the unknown version and don't let him restore the original file. Else nothing will work perfect.

One more thing, you may have installed your Windows in a different folder (as the above example is showing x:\WINDOWS, just find the system32  folder inside your Windows folder and dllcache folder inside the system32 folder. All the folders are hidden folder so you have to find them manually.

Always follow the steps as we mentioned above, first the dllcache then system32.

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